Saturday, August 17, 2013

Reflection- Understanding the Impact of Technology on Education, Work, and Society

Over the last seven weeks, I have learned quite a bit about technology! Before this class, I had never used a Wiki or created a podcast before. It was challenging to use these new tools. I felt a sense of accomplishment once I got the hang of it, and especially when I completed the assignment. Completing these assignments for my graduate course has given me some experience, so I feel comfortable bringing these tools to the classroom. I will most definitely learn more about Wikis and podcasts with my students. My students have a way of teaching me new things about technology. They are not afraid to click and explore. I like that I can give my students these tools I know some things about, and they can learn as well as teach me. I plan to stay connected to the technology blogs so I stay up to date on new trends in technology. 

I have learned more about the way 21st century students learn. I have gained more awareness about how students can learn, and how they are interested in learning. I have to be a facilitator to my students learning, and plan for a student-centered classroom (Laureate, 2010).

After seeing how much can be done with technology, I want computers in my classroom more than ever! My goal is to write grants to get more technology in my classroom. I would like 2-5 ipads or tablets for students to look up information in a quick way, or to use as a visual resource when drawing. I would also like at least 10 laptops and 3 desktop computers. I should not receive any pushback from my administration since they will not be paying for it. It will be difficult to write a grant for all of these pieces of technology. I have written grants before, and the process is very time consuming.  I may have to wait to achieve this goal until next summer after I earn my masters degree.
In the beginning of this course, we filled out a checklist about technology in our teaching practices and in professional development. Now that I look back over this checklist I remembered why I chose the answers I did. I do not have technology! It is difficult to plan lessons revolving around technology when the whole school has to share a small computer lab.  My response to the checklist unfortunately will stay the same. However, I do have some engaging lesson ideas when I reach my technology goals. 


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